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NASM Certified
Wellness Coach

Support clients in their journey to achieve mental, emotional and physical betterment of life.

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Our essential Five Pillars of Wellness target multiple areas to make you a well-rounded Wellness Coach, fully prepared to meet the unique needs of your clients.


Understanding the science of what and why humans eat informs holistic wellness. From recognizing hunger cues and dietary patterns to debunking fad diets and nutritional misconceptions, NASM sheds new light on the human relationship with food.


Add the physical element to wellness by crafting effective exercise and movement plans meant to complement a client's diet and emotional training. For nearly four decades, we’ve been the leading provider in premium fitness education, helping train today’s top fitness leaders.


Uncover how to successfully evaluate, improve critical thinking, and determine behavior change abilities to enable personal consciousness, mental, and emotional well-being.


Sleep, mindfulness, and stretching are all important elements of any holistic coaching plan. Learn how to lean on recovery and regeneration tools in times of stress or following a workout, allowing the mind, body and heart to feel rested and restored.


Dive into evidence-based coaching and methodical processes to guide, assist, and encourage clients to accomplish inspired behavior change practices.

Backed by science, supported by empathy, and individualized to every person’s unique goals and needs, the NASM Certified Wellness Coach program provides a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the rapidly growing wellness movement and help your clients achieve positive behavior change with long-term values.



With NASM's Wellness Coach program, you and your clients will learn to:

  • Live a purposeful, intentional life.
  • Be confident in your inner wisdom and expertise in who you are.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset and sense of endless possibility.
  • Realize the power of small wins and upward spirals.

Where can NASM Certified Wellness Coaches work?

  • Health clubs and gyms to expand their selection of services to clients
  • Private coaching businesses
  • Physicians’ offices / hospitals / pharmacies to enhance patient health outcomes
  • Health insurance companies to help lower healthcare costs by avoiding lifestyle-related conditions
  • Major corporations to improve employee productivity and job fulfillment
  • Community organizations to bring more attention to community health matters

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Why Choose NASM?

NASM is the gold standard in evidence-based certifications. Why? Because we meticulously design each of our courses with the help of leading experts in the industry.

When you get certified as a wellness coach through NASM, not only will you learn from the experts in wellness, you'll also experience our exclusive learning system that prepares you for success. It's designed to be accessible and fit into your busy life so that you can master the science and art of wellness coaching. Spread the joy of healthy living by becoming a Certified Wellness Coach with the experts at NASM.

Ready to change the lives of those around you? Interested in bettering yourself and making an impact on your own wellness journey?



I've spent a decade in the fitness industry first as a personal trainer. The role of the personal trainer has changed a lot. What clients expect is far beyond the education that a personal trainer receives. Personal trainers are asked to create change, lasting wellness change in someone's life that isn't necessarily just about movement. This is the course that I wanted five years ago and is a gift in my mind to an industry that is thirsty for more.

Darlene M.

I took the CWC course to take it all to that next level and it's already paying for itself. I'm still new to it as a stand-alone practice, but I'm not new to the tools to cultivate positive behavior change. The CWC course gives you the confidence to make that transition because here's a panel of experts reaffirming what you've been doing in addition to giving you a strong system to organize and formalize those skills into a coaching practice.

Ami I.

I loved every second of this course. It made me feel excited, well-educated and equipped as a coach to help my clients change their lives in a realistic and meaningful way. I felt supported by the in depth steps to putting my knowledge into practice with a section on ethics and how to approach situations that may arise in my day to day business. This course is the thought leader in wellness education that our society so badly needs. I cannot recommend this certification enough for fitness professionals or those wanting to help others on a wellness journey that will actually work.

Erin L.

A big part of bettering myself has been learning more about movement, nutrition, sleep, and my overall wellbeing. I have to admit, I didn't know much about the machine that is my body. I slept horribly--taking pride in 4 hour nights--nary saw a vegetable that wasn't slathered in butter, and I rarely raised my heart rate beyond screaming about work. And I drank too much, of course. Mostly, I became a Wellness Coach so that I could learn about me. But I also did it so I could share more about wellness with others. It's kind of Life: Part I for me. The one where I put on my oxygen mask first, so I can help others put on theirs.

Derek B.


This comprehensive course includes:

  • Evidence-based knowledge to help you create lasting change in your clients
  • 1.9 NASM CEUs
  • 35 in-depth chapters
  • Direct access to best in wellness industry subject matter experts and thought leaders
  • More than 100 videos
  • High-end, easy-to-use digital platform
  • One year to complete the final exam
  • Certificate upon passing exam
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What’s unique about NASM’s Certified Wellness Coach?


There is nothing else like it in the fitness and wellness industries today. You will learn a unique understanding of wellness, well-being, the human body and mind, and how to support your future...

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How do I keep clients inspired through Wellness Coaching?


Keep clients inspired and motivated by continually reminding them what’s important to them for their own reasons. Because ultimately, coaching a wellness process is about your client. So it’s about what motivates them.

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How quickly can I get certified?


Everyone has their own day-to-day schedules to consider. But if you dedicate one hour of your day, five to six times a week, you can complete this course in 45 days. NASM-CWC is 100% accessible online and on any device, including the exam, giving you the flexibility to study at your pace.

Would I be able to earn CEUs?


Earn 1.9 Continuing Education Units and stay current with wellness best-practice guidelines. During your ongoing education, you’ll take advantage of your opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills while preparing a successful business foundation.

Who hires a Wellness Coach?


There are a variety of places that look to hire a Wellness Coach! Fitness and community centers, Universities, Spas, Health and Wellness solution providers, private and corporate practice...

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