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The Science Behind Effective Weight Loss

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Weight loss is one of the hottest topics in America, and it's no wonder why. According to the CDC, with over 40% of adults in the country considered obese, a smaller waistline is something many of us can strive for.

But how do we lose weight safely and effectively? The key is science!

With NASM’s Science Behind Effective Weight Loss mini course, you’ll learn the appropriate methods to lose weight efficiently. From the psychology of losing weight and metabolism to exercise's role and how to put it all together, you'll learn the foundation of burning fat and keeping it off.

This 5-part mini course includes:

Part 1: Weight Loss Physiology and Metabolism 101

  • PDF Download: Hormone Balance for Weight Loss

  • 1-hour Webinar: All About Metabolism

Part 2: Nutrition for Weight Loss

  • PDF Download: How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day for Weight Loss

  • 1-hour Webinar: Optimizing Protein Intake for Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Part 3: Exercise Impact on Weight Loss

  • PDF Download: Supersets: Lift Weight to Lose Weight

  • PDF Download: Using the OPT™ Model for Weight Loss

Part 4: Psychology of Weight Control and Weight Loss

  • Video: Role of Psychology in Weight Loss

  • PDF Download: Behavior Change Science: Helping Clients Stick with Their Program

Part 5: Putting It Together: Coaching Considerations for Successful Weight Loss

  • Podcast: The Art of Diet, Weight Loss, and Training

  • PDF Download: Avoiding and Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus


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Why Become a Weight Loss Specialist?

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Learn how to design effective weight loss exercise programs that help clients achieve their goals and experience long-term success.

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Earn 1.9 NASM CEUs upon successfully passing the final exam, which is enough to recertify your Personal Trainer Certification.

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Reach a wider group of potential clients and increase your earning potential.

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Study whenever and wherever you want with our online platform.

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