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NASM’s Recipe Book for Athletes

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It’s no secret that nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. While your training in the gym might be on point, proper nutrition is just as important to help you accomplish your goals.

Created in partnership with Quest Nutrition and dotFit, and a perfect complement to our brand new Certified Sports Nutrition Coach program, you’ll be able to download tasty and nutritious recipes that will fuel your workouts and your clients. 

This recipe book includes:

• 5 Endurance-Based Recipes

• 4 Strength-Based Recipes

• 7 Weight-Loss-Based Recipes

• 4 Muscle Gain Recipes

• 7 Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes


Gain immediate access to your Recipe Book, plus learn more about the brand new Certified Sports Nutrition Coach course.

Here are 4 reasons to a become a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach with NASM:

Develop a customized nutritional strategy

Strategize a personalized/individualized nutritional strategy that will help with optimal performance.

Increase Client Base and Revenue Potential

Reach a wider group of clients and increase your earning potential.

Implement strategies for optimal performance

Integrate strategies that will help with optimal performance for any athletic scenario.

Achieve sports
performance-related goals

Implement steps to help reach sports performance-related goals that are set prior to the fitness journey.

Choose the most respected name in personal training
certification - NASM. We're ready when you are.