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PES 101: Performance Training for Every Client

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Whether your clients are weekend warriors or professionals, everyone can improve their athletic capacity with the right performance enhancement strategies and training.

Learn scientifically proven ways to assess and develop your clients' speed, agility and control, to help them reach their fitness goals and achieve peak performance levels.

Join host Prentiss Rhodes, with NASM Master Instructors Wendy Batts and Marty Miller, for this exclusive 1-hour webinar.

You'll learn:

• How to utilize performance training for every client, regardless of athletic ability 

• Various ways to adapt your client workouts for impairments, fatigue and pattern overload

• The importance of incorporating stretching, core, balance and plyo training into your programming


Gain immediate access to your FREE recorded webinar, plus learn more about becoming a Performance Enhancement Specialist with NASM.

Who Should Become a Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)?


Every client is an athlete in one way or another. Sports performance tactics can help any client perform better in every aspect of their workout and physical activity, both inside and outside of the gym.


When working with athletes, the goal is to help them achieve consistent, peak level performance. Learn how to help your athletes not only reach this goal safely, effectively and quickly, but also have the capacity to reach levels they never thought possible.


Whether you play hoops with your friends on the weekend or are preparing for your next professional event, the NASM-PES can help you understand the keys to your performance and how to use them to unlock your potential.


NASM's Performance Enhancement Specialization can help Strength and Conditioning Coaches gain valuable insight and a systematic approach to getting even more out of your athletes. It's the perfect complement to a 4-year college degree.

Athletic-Shoe-Icon COACHES

Coaches at all levels - youth, high school, college and pro - can benefit from a deep understanding of Performance Enhancement to help get the most out of their athletes whenever they enter a competition.


Understand want it takes for athletic patients to reach their peak performance levels and how these methods can work alongside other rehabilitation techniques to improve recovery.

Choose the most respected name in personal training
certification - NASM. We're ready when you are.